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Hi There!  

My name is Jenn and I photograph the most important times in most families lives.  You see photography for me, means to capture such emotion in my images when looking back anyone can feel the exact moment captured.   I like to keep the mood light and fun.  As a promptive photographer, this promises the most invoking true, rich, unfiltered emotional images to last a lifetime. 


I like to reference my photography as candid, photojournalistic, unscripted.... cinematic if you will.  While I will always capture those must have posed pictures,  I like to limit them and really focus on capturing the emotion, the small details..... The things we all miss while just "living" life. 

I want you to walk away feeling like you just had the best time of your life, your family is laughing and you're squealing in anticipation to see what this magical lens of mine has captured! 


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Maternity & Newborns

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